Gravitropism – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Botanical Glossary

I. What is Gravitropism? Gravitropism is a biological phenomenon in which plants respond to the force of gravity by growing in a specific direction. This growth response allows plants to orient themselves in relation to gravity, ensuring that their roots grow downward into the soil and their stems and leaves grow upward towards the light. … Read more

Phenotyping – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Plant Care Glossary

I. What is Phenotyping? Phenotyping is the process of observing and measuring the physical and biochemical characteristics of plants. These characteristics can include traits such as plant height, leaf size, flower color, and disease resistance. By analyzing these traits, researchers can gain valuable insights into the genetic makeup and overall health of plants. Phenotyping plays … Read more

Spearwort – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Flower Glossary

I. What is Spearwort? Spearwort, also known as Ranunculus, is a genus of flowering plants in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. It is a diverse group of plants that includes both aquatic and terrestrial species. Spearwort plants are known for their bright yellow flowers and distinctive lance-shaped leaves, which give them their common name. These plants … Read more

Soil food web – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Soil & Fertilizers Glossary

I. What is the Soil Food Web? The soil food web is a complex network of organisms that live in the soil and interact with each other in various ways. These organisms include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms, and other soil-dwelling creatures. They play a crucial role in maintaining soil health and fertility by decomposing … Read more

Terrace gardening – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Gardening Techniques Glossary

I. What is Terrace Gardening? Terrace gardening is a method of growing plants, vegetables, and herbs on a terrace or rooftop. It is a popular practice in urban areas where space is limited, and people do not have access to a traditional garden. Terrace gardening allows individuals to make the most of their available space … Read more

Overwintering – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Gardening Techniques Glossary

I. What is Overwintering? Overwintering is the process of protecting plants from the harsh winter conditions to ensure their survival until the next growing season. This practice is commonly used for tender plants that are not cold-hardy and would not survive the winter months without special care. Overwintering can involve bringing plants indoors, providing insulation, … Read more